2nd May 2020

Darling Paloma, When I woke up this morning, I promised myself that I was going to write something positive or at least try. I looked out of our bedroom window and saw how crystal clear the day was. The rain over the last few days had changed my mood. I had become somewhat subjective, andContinue reading “2nd May 2020”

30th April 2020

Darling Paloma, I admit walking down the street to take the dog out is getting increasingly more difficult. I’ve moaned before, but people’s lack of awareness or just good manners is depressing. But now I have another problem. Only today with eyes purposely set on the coffee bar, someone who in the past has badlyContinue reading “30th April 2020”

28th April 2020

Darling Paloma Today it rained and rained. The warmest April since 1929 has come to a very wet end. It seems trivial to talk about the weather during these days but we have been truly blessed with sun and blue skies in England. You will discover soon enough that it is rare in this countryContinue reading “28th April 2020”

27th April 2020

Darling Paloma, When I wake up, I pick up my iPhone to check if something bad has happened during the night. Not a healthy habit to have got in to but a difficult one to give up. Today there was no new news just hangover reports from the weekend. Everyone is still trying to workContinue reading “27th April 2020”

22nd April 2020

Darling Paloma, We have a new hero in this country. Someone I’d like to think you will hear about when you grow. And if you don’t, I will make sure you will know how a valiant idea made a remarkable connection to our world during these turbulent days. Thomas Moore, a father of two andContinue reading “22nd April 2020”

21st April 2020

Darling Paloma, Great excitement! Our local coffee bar has reopened. Yellow lines drawn as if we were walking through US customs. Part of the new normal but that’s ok. The coffee bar is smart because it is scruffy and the coffee itself seems to have got better. Even customers lining up have changed – SpringContinue reading “21st April 2020”

20th April 2020

Darling Paloma, ‘ Wait here,’ I said, ‘ or rather wait over there,’ pointing to the next sto op so I could make my way to our front door. The old gentleman in the tweed suit had returned (back today in a white suit, white shirt and college tie). And just when I thought I’dContinue reading “20th April 2020”

16th April 2020

Darling Paloma, We suffered our first family loss on Wednesday. Your mother’s step father Fernando succumbed to what the doctor believed to be coronavirus at his home in Madrid. He had been unwell for some time and though he had fought dementia with the spirit of a prize fighter COVID-19 grew to be too strongContinue reading “16th April 2020”

15th April 2020

Darling Paloma Whenever I go to the airport, I always look at the arrivals and departures screens. I watch anonymous travellers usually with confused faces arriving nobody knows where from, nobody knows where to. All whispering to themselves the gate number they need to reach. And I ask myself if I wasn’t flying to whereverContinue reading “15th April 2020”

12th April 2020

Darling Paloma, If today you had the freedom to pick anywhere in the world to have Easter lunch, where would it be? It was a question I was asked yesterday. These type of questions are more poignant as they have ever been . Two years ago this weekend, we visited Barcelona. It was a lastContinue reading “12th April 2020”